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Found 2 results

  1. Одесский Национальный университет имени И.И. Мечникова RASMIR - Eastern Material culture Oriental Numismatic Society Пятая Международная научная конференция «Расмир: Восточная нумизматика - 2017» 29-30 июля 2017, Одесса ИНФОРМАЦИОННОЕ СООБЩЕНИЕ Конференция состоится в Одессе на базе Одесского Национального университета имени И.И. Мечникова с 29 по 30 июля 2017 года в помещении лектория проекта 4City по адресу: ул.Канатная, 27/1. К участию в конференции приглашаются специалисты в области восточной нумизматики, сфрагистики, истории, археологии и смежных дисциплин, исследователи, учёные, а также коллекционеры и заинтересованные любители. Тематика конференции охватывает 5 секций: Нумизматика доисламского Востока; Нумизматика исламских династий; Нумизматика Улуса Джучи и пост-джучидских государств; Нумизматика Северного Причерноморья и Крыма; История и археология Восточной Европы в контексте нумизматических материалов; По материалам Конференции будет выпущен сборник научных трудов V Международной научной конференции «Расмир: Восточная нумизматика - 2017». Языки конференции — английский, русский, украинский. Информационное_сообщение_RASMIR_2017_финал.pdf
  2. Dear colleagues, The Conference will be held in Odessa, Ukraine at the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University during 27- 29 August, 2014. We invite experts in oriental numismatics, sphragistics (sigillography), history, archeology and complementary sciences, collectors and interested enthusiasts. It is planned to discuss the following topics: Numismatics of Islamic dynasties; Numismatics of pre-Islamic Central Asia, Far East and India; Numismatics of the Northern Greater Black Sea area and the Crimea; Numismatics of the Black Sea Basin countries; History and archeology of Eastern Europe in the context of numismatic material. It is expected that plenary reports and posters will be published as the Conference material while the abstracts will be translated into English for possible subsequent publication in the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society. In order to participate in the Conference, please contact the organisers by e-mail: [email protected] or by posting a question at the forum: (English forum at Rasmir.com) Registration form is available here - Registration form. The Organising Committee will contact you and provide assistance with all organisational matters. Deadlines: registration and papers – before July 25, 2014; texts of reports – before July 30, 2014. Registration Fee is equal to 50 USD. Specifications Papers preferably should not exceed 15,000 characters in length (i.e. no more than 5 pages of A4 format). Longer papers should be pre-agreed with the organising committee. Font: Times New Roman, 14 pt, single spacing, margins - 2 cm on all sides, a footnote in parentheses (author's name, year, pages), in e-form (e-mail in MS Word 2003, 1) file. Illustrations are accepted in JPEG (JPG) format, color, resolution - at least 300 dpi). Maximum number of illustrations - 10. If the author uses a special font for rendering non-standard characters (i.e. Runs, Eastern alphabets, etc.), the relevant font file should be supplied or the characters to be converted into vector graphic. Text files with abstracts should have the author's name. File names with illustrations should contain the author's name and number of illustrations referred to in the text. After the text, the sources and bibliography should be listed in the order they are mentioned. The Organising Committee strongly urges participants to prepare an electronic presentation (Microsoft ® PowerPoint™ file format) of their papers. Languages of the Conference - Russian, English, Ukrainian. If necessary, a translation into English will be provided (to be additionally agreed with the Organising Committee). The Conference schedule is planned to include (for an extra fee): a tour to the ancient Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi town (historical Ophiusa-Tyras- Akkerman- Asprokastron-Turla), visits to the Archaeological Museum and the Numismatic Museum, a joint dinner party at Ukrainian food restaurant. The Organising Committee will assist all participants with arranging accommodation, as requested. It is possible to arrange accommodation for a longer period for any participants wishing to have a holiday, including those with families. Any additional activities, about which it is desirable to inform the Organising Committee, are to be paid by the participants separately. We kindly request all authors who have prepared material and reports to send them in along with their application to participate in the conference. Visa requirements for foreigners entering Ukraine Citizens of many countries do not need a visa for short visits to Ukraine (less than 90 days). The complete list of the countries and current regulations may be consulted at the official site of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign affairs (mfa.gov.ua ) Important links: About the Conference Registration form Organizing Committee
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