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  1. Dear Alexey Golemikhov, Thank you very much for your response. I am really grateful for your help. The Russian articles you sent helped me a lot, as well as your opinion of the name inscription was very important on this imitation Islamic silver dirham. During my research I found that the logic is that dirhams belong to "al-amir Yaltawar", According to Ibn Fadlan In 922 AD when The Volga Bulgar adopted Islam Khan Almas was the only ruler in that region who has been recognized as an Islamic ruler under the auspices of Baghdad. In accordance with his status as a Muslim leader, Khan Almas changed his name to Amir Jaʿfar ibn ʿAbdallah. After the caliph of Baghdad’s name. I am also agree with your opinion, but I am confuse a little of the title inscription, the big question for me is that if he has his own die which is the name Yaltawar could be clearly readable Arabic, why should have two dies with different names? The dirham belong to the Huszt hoard found in 1904 in Máramaros county, in the north-eastern part of historic Hungary, the territory is now in north-western Romania and western Ukraine. 2.35 g. 2.25 mm. Best wishes, Sulayman Al Halbi
  2. Dear colleagues, Islamic Volga Bulgar Imitation dirham, Help of identify There is a very big discussion about this kind of dirhams in all the world for who belong, the title/ name inscription has always been a problem. In the course of more than 200 years, several variant readings have been suggested, e.g. al-Amir al-Hamid (Adler), al-Amir Barmal (Aurivillius, Tormberg, Grotzfeld, Fomin), al-Amir Brşal (Janina), and al-Amir Barman (Frähn, Barthold, Dorn, We- lin, Granberg, Hovén, Rispling, etc). I think this dirham could not be for Almish Yiltawar as the said most of the researchers (Barman) because in the Arabic Language he has more than one name: 1. Ālmash ibn Yiltawar المش بن يلطوار 2. Ālmas ibn Shalki Yiltawar المش بن شيلكي يلطوار 3. Also has one name mentioned in Arabic Sources like al-Hasan ibn Yiltawar الحسن بن يلطوار 4. when he became Muslim he has got the name Jaʿfar ibn ʿAbdallah. جعفر بن عبد الله None of the names mentioned can read on the dirhams in the Arabic language. Thank you in advance for your help,
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