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  1. Spasiba balşaya Uvajeyemiy Üstad. Anonim manet ?
  2. There was also the letter "A" right in the corner.
  3. Master, a similar coin has arrived. I thought he was İlkhan, but this chances of being a Mongolian increased even more . The same region, the same coin, and this is about to clarify the identitity of the coin. لااله الا الله محمد رسول الله قاان الاعظم kelime-i tevhid, kaanul azam or Kaan Mengü ?
  4. Ç.:15.5x14 mm, A.:0.951 gr. No eta maneta odna tret drugoy. Yego ves oçen mala.
  5. Master, la ilaha illallah vahdehu la şerika leh, Muhammed resulallah, el Mutaasım Billah ?
  6. Mojet bit eta manet Üstad. CHAGHATAYID KHANS: Anonymous, ca. 1260-1280, AE jital (3.63g), Ghaznayn, ND, A-1984Z, Tye-354, horseman left, holding long lance // fi al-balad / ghaznayn, some weakness, VF, RRR. The city was rarely called Ghaznayn before the 19th century, but that alternative was already used by al-Muqaddisi, who wrote in the late 10th century. Another example sold in our Auction 31, Lot 766.
  7. Spasiba balşaya Üstad. Tretiy mojet bir eta Aq qoyun Rustam. https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=60514
  8. Spasiba balşaya Master. https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=8918
  9. 1. Duribe Amur ili Mut ? 15.5x14 mm, 1.809 gr. AR. Tenke. 2. 17.5x16 mm, 2.356 gr. AE. Mangır-Fels. 3. Duribe Tebriz ? 20.5x20 mm, A.:3.619 gr. AE. Fels.
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