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  1. El sultanul azam Osman, Muhammed Ali, Muhammed Ali.?
  2. Memluklu. La ilaha illallah Muhammed resulallah, İndallah ya eldinullah. al Ramla ?
  3. Mongol Mengü Tamga ? İldengiz bin Mehmed ?
  4. Spasiba balşaya Uvajayemiy Üstad.
  5. Master, eta manet nipahoje patamoşto imya i drugoy slova raznim napravleniyam.
  6. el Mansur H.158/M.774-5 or Harun al Rashid, Madinat al Salam (Bagdat) H.188 ?
  7. Master, mojet bir eta manet. Oçen pahoje. https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=5195187&AucID=5857&Lot=705&Val=478fecf780813daa8efc545198efde92 Sistān (Persian) known in ancient times as Sakastān "the land of the Saka"), is a historical and geographical region in present-day Eastern Iran (Sistan and Baluchestan Province) and Southern Afghanistan (Nimruz, Helmand, Kandahar). Sistan became a province of the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates. In the 860s, the Saffarid dynasty emerged in Sistan and proceeded to conquer most of the Islamic East, until it was checked by the Samanids in 900. After the Samanids took the province from the Saffarids, it briefly returned to Abbasid control, but in 917 the governor Abu Yazid Khalid made himself independent. He was followed by a series of emirs with brief reigns until 923, when Ahmad ibn Muhammad restored Saffarid rule in Sistan. After his death in 963, Sistan was ruled by his son Khalaf ibn Ahmad until 1002, when Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Sistan, ending the Saffarid dynasty.
  8. AH 191 ? Abbasid anonymous coin ? Buhara ?
  9. Allahu ehad Allahu samed lem yelid velem yuled, Muhammed resulallah, Tabariya ? https://www.sarc.auction/ABBASID-AE-cast-fals-5-01g-Tarsus-ND-VF_i30943831 citing governor Bishr al-Afshini, mimma amara bihi al-amir bishr around the central circle // al-afshini / mawla amir a- / -l-mu'minin Tarsus ?
  10. Anatolian Saldjukid, II. Gıyaseddin Mesud bin Keykavus. www.eroncoins.com No.6615 19.8X18 mm, 1.975 gr.
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