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Conference Proceedings "Rasmir: Oriental Numismatics -2011"


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The proceedings of "Rasmir: Oriental Numismatics" conference (Odessa, Ukraine, 29-31 July, 2011) has been printed.



The book contains 167 pages and is illustrated with color and black/white illustrations, soft cover. ISBN code: 978-966-288-008-3 

The main part of the book is in Russian language, but there is an Abstracts section with the English versions of the papers.  A number of the papers are provided as a detailed Abstract translations (see comments to the list of contents):


  • A. N. Alyoshin. Coins of Kobadian and their countermarks [short Abstract]
  • Y.M. Lemberg. Identification of Barqa mint at dirhams struck in Ifriqiya province in 170 Ah [Detailed Abstract]
  • E. Yu. Goncharov, V. N. Nastich. New numismatic artefacts of the IX century from the Eastern Greater Aral Sea (A newly found coinage of Syr Darya Oghuz state) [Detailed Abstract]
  • A. I. Grachev. Minor denominations in the money circulation of the late Qarakhanids [short Abstract]
  • M. Younis. Dinars of lsfahan Ah 512 and the military confrontation between Sanjar and Mahmud [Full Article]
  • A.O. Bragin. A new date of Timurid Khalil Sultan silver tanga die (811 A.d./1408-1409) [Detailed Abstract]
  • A.O. Bragin. On the die ofTimurid Baysunghur silver tanga [Detailed Abstract]
  • A.A. Kazarov, Y. V. Studitskiy, R. Yu. Reva. Coins of Murtaza bin Ahmad -The final stage of the Golden Horde coinage [short Abstract]
  • V.P. Alexeev, P.G. Laboda. New coins of Olbio [short Abstract]
  • 0. V. Ivchenko The specificity of the entrance of the Roman denarii I - the beginning of II century in Chernyakhovska culture [short Abstract]
  • A. C. Boiko-Gagarin. On a finding of the forged Venetian ducat in the Crimea [short Abstract]
  • V. V. Bezpalko. Money carrying costume accessories of Volyn population (according to the materials of Lutsk Borough books 1580-83) [short Abstract]
  • S. Kudin. Imitation of the Dutch ducat of 1729 found in Volyn region [short Abstract]
  • A.A. Kazarov, A. Krivenko. Recently discovered Juchid mint Aqcha Kerman [short Abstract]
  • A. Crivenko, S. Sreckovic. Bujak hoard: The results of preliminary research [Detailed Abstract]
  • I. Paghava, S. Turkia. New data on minting the Safavid currency in the Kingdom ofKakheti (Georgia) [short Abstract]
  • A. Laptev. Coins In Saltiv Monument Sites on the Upper Donets Basin (4-th Verkhniy Saltiv catacomb and Netailivka Ground necropolis) [short Abstract]

More information might be obtained at : [email protected] or at this Forum


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