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Umayyad i Abbasid redkiy manetı ?

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В 09.08.2022 в 01:58, Kırgız Kazak сказал:

2. https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=197074   Abbasid AE Fals, Governor of Arminiya Khuzayma b. Khazim, al-Haruniya ND  ????

There is a date on the fels, but the word tens is dirty and it needs to be cleaned better, because of this, erroneous readings are possible. Now I see such a date of 199 AH. But I am not sure about the correct reading of tens- 90(?).

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1 hour ago, Kırgız Kazak said:

Üstad, thank you very much. 

Üstad, to be 169 AH ???

Abbasid, al-Hadi (169-170H), fals, al-Haruniya 169h, obv., with triple annulets in margin, rev., citing Khuzama b. Khazim in margin and al-khalifa al-Hadi in field, 2.85g (Vardanyan 259; Bonner 5), good fine and extremely rare (£300-400. https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=1700&lot=172

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