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Tolunid ili Abbasid ?

Kırgız Kazak

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1. Sur, H.198/M.813-4  Governor Muhammed bin İsa  Zeno:178116

2. H.163/M.779-80   Medinetü’s selam.  Governor Ala Yaday Nusayr.

3. Abbasid fals   Ahmad b. Harun    Al-Masisa

4. ???????

5.  Rebels in East Khurasan, obv. Abu-Ibrahim, rev. Abu-Ja'far, dirham, Andaraba 280h, 

6. Abbasid fals  Barda'a mint 159 AH   Governor Yazid bin Asid     .

Üstad Arab,İslamic site vot kak ani abyesnili manetı.  Pravilna ili ni pravilna niznayu ?

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