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Ayyubid no zdelana nepravilna peçati.

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Повторю ответ

Выглядят как фуфло.

Нужны более качественные изображения и вес.


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Matthias Naue            My main argument for a fake coin ist he imprint the die left on the flan (as I already mentioned). To make it clear I marked your picture: 
1) the ribbon of perls, a double trefoil (see Balog, Ayyubids, p. 126) usually can be seen on the coin without any interruption – beside the fringe of the flan. 
2) none of the dirhams from this type I’ve seen have a blank rim; over that the curb shows where the imprint of the die ends. As we can see on original coins, around the whole engraved field there is a circle of perls/dots. 
3) Ayyubid coins where struck from deep cutted dies. Such a flat area isn’t typical – also not the parallel scratches on the surface. 
4) If you have a close look you see the differences in the structure of the un-struck parts on the flan. While the surface on the original is smooth these parts on your coin look a bit porous. 
Since the size and the weight approximately hit the measures from other coins one may argue, this specimen has a used shape. But this may not stem from the over use of a die – otherwise not only the finge of the die should look used and flat. Also parts of the characters should be unclear. Finally long time circulating coins won’t have a used look only on the fringes. 
To sum up, the technique of production of your coin is different to the original coin you posted: the die couldn’t be complete, the flan has a hatching, a regular die should leave sharper edges on the character. I think it is a reproduction where they copied the engravings of a coin on a die or a mould and struck or cast this piece before working on it to give it a used look and a patina. If it makes sense to copy these coins which have avalue of around 25 $ is not clear to me. 




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 Я уже забыл свой пароль в Фейсбуке.

Matthias Naue - ассистент профессора Stefana Heidemanna?


Я с ним согласен.

Китайцы подделывают и более дешевые монеты. Что и как подделывают в Южной Анатолии (Адана) - я не знаю, но эти монеты не оригинальные.


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