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Возможно кому то будет интересно.


Начну с Banswara issues of Raij typе. Перепутали составители с Ратламом и насколько я понял прям полностью))

Вот умный текст Индийского коллеги: Banswara issues of Raij type as listed in SCWC (KM) are an error. The same images are repeated in both Ratlam as well as Banswara. I have never seen a coin of Banswara with Raij. It may be easy to confuse the places as the distance between Ratlam and Banswara today is around 80 KM by road. The straight line distance could be even lower. These coins were issued in the Ratlam area and are always found in areas around Ratlam, but some of those places could be near Banswara....
A friend of mine is working on listing the varieties based on find spots and hopes to publish some information on this in the next 6 to 10 months. He has been moving from village to village collecting whatever copper coins that he can find and documenting each lot on the place of the find. He has been able to conclude that most of the similar pieces that he has been able to pick up came from small specific areas and were very seldom picked up in areas from far away from the area from where modt of the coins were found.



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В Зено на это противоречие отреагировали правильно. Все монеты raj серии отнесены к Ратламу. С другой стороны, там всё в Индии с медью намешано, штамповали медяки, которые качча, т. е. менялись к рупии по волатильность курсу, в зависимости от того кто меняет.  там и дизайны также понамешаны, так что можно говорить не об ошибках, а об общей ситуации с обращением меди в центральной Индии в этот период времени. 

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