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  1. Dear, evlem thank you very much for inviting me I have never seen such a design for This Fals before I tried to clarify the inscriptions on it In the Middle:(موسى) Moussa; it seems to choose a place name in the middle of a person is important (May Be Caliph Mousa al-Hadi موسى الهادي ) and words that takes the name of Moses ((محمد / رسول / الله / عبد الله Abdullah here, I think the title of the caliphate, which confirms that the name Moussa refers to the Caliph Mousa al-Hadi ... Terms of use since the period of the Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khattab to indicate to the caliph of the Muslims in the framework, ( مما أمر به الأمير .......................... )، , And the rest of the phrase is not clear as to the back of the Fals a publication in Zeno, 207594 not clear ---------------------------------------------
  2. IN My PhD thesis titled

    The Copper Coinage of the Province of Khorasan

     During the First Abbasid period

     (AH 132 - 218, AD 749 – 833)

    An Archaeological Study

    I studied this Figure

    164088 a.jpg


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