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About Me

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Mahmoud Ahmad (Zarazir)

Department of Islamic archaeology


Academic position:

The Coinage of WŪlāt AlÁhad in The Islamic period From The 1st Century upto The 6th Century of Hegira, Sohag University,AH 1433- AD 2012.

MA. title:

The Copper Coinage of the Province of Khorasan  During the First Abbasid period (AH 132 - 218, AD 749 – 833) “An Archaeological Study”; Sohag University, AH 1432-AD 2016.

Ph.D. title:

Islamic archaeology

Major field

Islamic Coins (Numismatics)


Manager of IT Unit, Faculty of Archaeology, Sohag University

Current and previous administrative positions



Contact information:

[email protected]; [email protected];  [email protected]


* Archaeological excavations.

* Islamic coins.

Bachelor's degree:

Courses Taught

* Islamic & Coptic art.

* Islamic Art.

* Islamic Architecture in the Ayyubid and Mamluk period.

* Computer techniques in the archeological field.

My Research interest focused on Islamic Archeology, And specifically Islamic Numismatics (Coins).

Research Interests:

1- Employment of Coins in the Service of Political Issues in the Islamic State: The issue Wilāyat Al-Áhad in the Abbasid Period The Case of Caliph Abu Ja'far al-Mansur (136-158 AH / 754-775 AD); Memorial Book for Prof. Awad Awad Al-Emam, 2014.

Examples of scientific publications:

2- The Exchange Rate of Fals in the Islamic Orient from Arabicization till the End of the Umayyad Era, Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration Studies "EJARS", Volume 7, Issue 2, December - 2017: pp: 161-179.

3. Employment of technological applications in the study of Islamic Numismatic, Adobe Photoshop Program as Example, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Sohag University, part. 1, No. 47, April. 2017.

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